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Reflections From Past Recipients

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“My name is Charles Elijah Owens, and I would like to thank you for the scholarship as it has meant so much to me. It was and has been a huge blessing as I continue my schooling.”

Charles Elijah Owens - Major: Kinesiology - Santa Ana College
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“Receiving the OCAACC scholarship helped me pay off my first year tuition at Northern Arizona University and allowed me to be able to buy college supplies.”

Jelani I. Drake - B.A. Business Northern - Arizona State
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“Receiving the OCAACC in 2013 provided me with the funds I needed to attend Johns Hopkins University to pursue my Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Engineering. The opportunities I’ve had at my university are endless, including participating in research to find the effects of e-cigarettes on the body, shadowing lawyers at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., and working on a storm-water design project with the US Army Corps of Engineers. I’m proud to be a recipient of this scholarship as I begin my path towards becoming a professional engineer.”

Kiana Rodgers - Major: Environmental Engineer - Johns Hopkins University
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“What did the scholarship mean to me? I have Autism, so no one thought I would be able to go to college. So my parents had not saved for me to attend college; however, I was blessed to be enrolled in the UCLA Generation Next Program. The scholarship allowed me to purchase much needed school supplies.”

David Whitt II - Certificate In Learning/Special Needs Program Life’s Skills Series - UCLA
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“Receiving the OCAACC scholarship back in 2011 gave me the extra funds I needed to support my educational journey towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health & Human Sciences from Loyola Marymount University. I will be graduating with a Master’s of Nursing degree from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in May of this year. Finally, I will begin the final stage of my educational track: In the fall, I will be enrolled in the Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at CWRU where I will be pursuing my Master’s of Science in Nursing degree.”

Shanyce Rodgers - B.A. Nursing - Loyola Marymount M.A. Nursing – CWRU
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“Transitioning from high school to college takes more than learning how to navigate the nuances of college life. It also takes money for transportation, dorm and school supplies, and other necessities. When I arrived at Idaho State University in my Freshman year, the money I received from organizations like the Orange County African American Cultural Center, allowed me to be uniquely situated; I did not have to worry about any basic needs. I am currently attending the University of Arkansas and majoring in History and Political Science and I was able to take my dorm supplies from Pocatello, ID into my off-campus apartment in Fayetteville, AR. Thank you, Orange County African American Cultural Center, for blessing me with an award that has blessed me at two different university campuses.”

Cory Hollowell -
Major: History/Political Science - University of Arkansas
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“Thank you, Orange County African American Cultural Center, for awarding me a scholarship in 2015. I attend the University of Wyoming and I am majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Marketing. Going to school out of state is expensive; the scholarship really helped me with much needed dorm supplies that are now located in my off-campus apartment. It also allowed me to buy textbooks in my freshman year; that alone was a huge blessing!!”

Kendell Hollowell -
Major: Communication/Marketing - University of Wyoming


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